Story Summaries and Links Two Days Before GOP Presidential Debate in Cleveland

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The Fox News GOP debate, and errors real and imagined

CRITIQUE of the use and misuse of polling data, in advance of Thursday’s Republican Party debate in Cleveland.
AUTHOR:  Scott S Liebertz, Ph.D.      SOURCE: The Hill, August 4, 2015

FIRST GRAPH:  There are few errors more persistent than journalists’ and pundits’ use of the phrase “margin of error.” Even though scientific polling has been an important part of national election campaigns for decades and the importance of Big Data should have made us more empirically literate by now, mainstream media figures continue to misuse the term.  Recent examples of such misinformation are evident in commentary over which GOP candidates will make the ten-person cutoff for Fox News’ important first debate.

With Debate and Convention, G.O.P. Looks to Reclaim Ohio in 2016

AUTHOR: Trip Gabriel                                     SOURCE: The New York Times, August 1, 2015

EXCERPT:  The state (of Ohio) is important as a bellwether of presidential politics; its general-election voters have unerringly picked every chief executive since 1964.

GOP debate attracting big-time sideshows

AUTHOR:             Jay Miller                             SOURCE: Crain’s Cleveland Business, July 30, 2015

EXCERPT:  Cleveland will be at the center of the political universe next week and the Jones Day law firm and The Washington Post are taking advantage of all the talent in town. The two organizations are hosting an invitation-only, “pre-game conversation,” Wednesday, Aug. 5, in advance of the first Republican presidential candidate debate the next evening. The lineup includes political operatives, journalists and policy makers, in Cleveland to watch and analyze the debate.

On eve of Cleveland debate, Lake County murder plays into Donald Trump’s immigration attack

AUTHOR:  Henry Gomez      SOURCE: The Plain Dealer and, July 28-29, 2015

FIRST GRAPHS:  CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ohio has never been ground zero in the debate over immigration.

But when a Republican presidential field led by Donald Trump arrives here next week for its first debate, a case in neighboring Lake County could be a major flashpoint.

Officials say Juan Emmanuel Razo, 35, shot and killed Margaret Kostelnik in her Concord Township home Monday and attempted to rape a 14-year-old girl at nearby Helen Wyman Park. Razo also is accused of attempted murder related to the shooting of another woman.


AUTHOR:  News Desk                    SOURCE:   WJW Fox 8 Television News Dept., July  30, 2015

CLEVELAND- The 2016 Republican National Convention now has an official home on the Internet. went live on Thursday. The site explains the delegate process and contains a volunteer signup.

The GOP also updates its Facebook and Twitter pages recently to reflect the host city of Cleveland. Both accounts now feature photos of the Cleveland skyline with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


AUTHOR: Karen Kasler                                   SOURCE: Ideastream, WCPN radio, Cleveland, August 3

FIRST GRAPHS:  The final cast for the Republicans’ first presidential debate in Cleveland should be known tomorrow, as Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s poll numbers have been on the rise.

Last week, Kasich downplayed any concerns that he may or may not have about making that first debate in his home state.

“I don’t appraise my chances on that,” Kasich said. “You all know that. We’ll see what happens.”

EYE ON CLEVELAND NOTE — With the summer semester at Cuyahoga Community College ending on Sunday and Monday, there’s not been a lot of time to track/read stories about the GOP debate in Cleveland. All story excerpts listed above are from authors listed, and there is no attempt with this post to write any original stories about Thursday’s debate.  (In fact, I will be in San Francisco attending the annual AEJMC journalism educators’ conference while the debate is going on.)

Our next post — Next up for us will be a VIDEO POST about the upcoming Republican Presidential Debate on Thursday.  Robbie Fenbers, Sara Liptak, and Portia Booker are collaborating on this story.

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