Why Donald Trump May Win The Republican Nomination

By Robert Fenbers

He is brash and honest, not afraid to offend. But can he really be our next President?

Donald Trump made waves, drawing shock and awe from the crowd at the Quicken Loans Arena when he could not promise that he wouldn’t eventually run as an Independent. But are you really surprised? He is an entertainer after all. Of all the 10 candidates on stage, he would be the one.

His words are sometimes seen as rude and degrading, but he is an honest man. Fox’s Megyn Kelly went after Trump with a seemingly perfect question, pinning Trump against women. Kelly questioned Trump’s past and recent comments on women. “…Fat pigs, disgusting animals and you even told one woman it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees”, Kelly said. Any other candidate would have fumbled around searching for an escape, but not Trump. He fought back and showed who he really is, an entertainer. The crowd loved every minute of Trump’s comebacks and it seemed like he was thriving on the stage of reality television.

Trump would later tweet out at 3:40 am “Wow @MegynKelly really bombed tonight. People are going wild on Twitter! Funny to watch.”

Trump reinforced his statements on building a wall to stop illegal immigration and the reason why we are in this position in the first place. “Our leaders are stupid, our politicians are stupid and the Mexican government is much smarter,” Trump said.

Most candidates avoided a head-to-head confrontation with Trump, except Rand Paul, who seemed to be on a mission to take down the poll leader.

“This is what’s wrong! He buys and sells politicians of all stripes, he is already hedging his bet on the Clintons,” Paul said, after Trump could not promise his loyalty to the Republican Party.

Trump did well at this debate but by no means did he win. As a golfer, you might say he shot just under par. He had a chance to take shots, but chose to play nice. “I would say he is incompetent but I don’t want to say that because that’s not nice,” said Trump, of President Obama. He even shared a kind word during the debate with Jeb Bush.

Trump impressed out the gate, but seemed to run out of gas towards the end. He gave a summary of his quotes as his closing statement, which surprised many. He was content and held his own. He had no intention of going on the offensive, except when he was provoked of course.

So how could a man like this, with this personality possibly be leading the polls? He is not like every other politician and that is what makes him an intriguing change to America.

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