…and we’re back!

CUYAHOGA FALLS — Followers of this site will know that there’s been a long absence since the last story. When I began http://www.eyeoncleveland.com in 2015, it was designed as an opportunity to allow students of mine at Cuyahoga Community College to demonstrate their abilities as writers and media content creators. Some of my first students who contributed on the blog, Robby Fenbers, Sara Liptak, Portia Lopez, also took advantage of the Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland in 2016 to post some political stories.

all three
L to R: Sara, Robby, Portia, and the old fellow .. original http://www.eyeoncleveland.com contributors

Then, as John Lennon wrote, life is what happens when you make other plans. My wife Kathy and I had brought her parents, Shirley and Grant Johnson, in to live with us. Shirley got ill and passed away in late 2016. At the same time, I was writing my focused history book “Glory Reborn” about Wabash College and its athletic teams, 1977-1982. The website took a back seat.

The following year, my sister Denise’s cancer came back. She passed away in December 2017. Those deaths put my creativity into a tailspin, so — with the exception of some small profiles tied to my Revere Speech and Debate students and a feature on a terrific Building Hope In the City Hope Center volunteer Kathleen Sanow  — eyeoncleveland had gone radio silence.

Well, the site is back, and it will also eventually get back to its roots as well. By that I’m referring to students involved in creating content which I’ll feature here. One of those Tri-C students is Katerina Zizis, an aspiring story teller and film maker. Through her company Kat Media, Katerina has produced a video for eyeoncleveland.com on one of Northeast Ohio’s most outstanding young songwriters and singers, Shelby Oliver Miller.

Katerina Zizis, Kat Media

Here’s a link to Katerina’s fine video: https://youtu.be/2snMJYdF9ek

Soon (by May 19) you’ll also see my writing back on this page, in the form of a profile on Shelby and her music. I’ve been a fan of Shelby and her husband Jimmy Miller for many years. It takes a lot of guts to propose to the woman you love live, on a stage, in front of hundreds of people that you don’t know.  But that’s precisely what Jimmy did in December 2016. (And that’s another story).

So watch for this profile soon.

It’s my intent to populate eyeoncleveland.com with profiles and features every 3-4 weeks through the summer of 2019, and then to utilize the site for more of my current Cuyahoga College Students beginning in the Fall 2019 semester.

After seeing Katerina’s video, I’d certainly encourage you to get tickets to see Shelby Oliver Miller at her EP release event on Friday, May 31 at Musica in Akron. Here’s link to Shelby’s website: Shelby Olive Miller Music

Here’s a link to purchase tickets: Tickets for May 31 Shelby EP “Bad For Me” release

UP NEXT — The Profile on Shelby Olive Miller

AFTER THAT – A national champion prepares to defend her crown.

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