Beat cancer with nutrition? Yep!

BRECKSVILLE – The first doctor, the Greek Hippocrates, supposedly said “Let food be thy medicine,” about 2,500 years ago. At 24 Karrot Kitchen, Kathleen Madden and her staff take this quote very seriously

“People don’t know the percentage of fat, carbohydrates and protein they should have in their diets,” Madden says. “Even though we should eat 10-11 portions of vegetables and fruits a day, most of us average only four portions. We have a very brown diet, based upon convenience and not full nutritional value.”

Madden, who has a master’s of science degree in nutrition and integrative health, is striving to change how Northeast Ohioans eat with her business 24 Karrot Kitchen on Mill Road in Brecksville. 24 Karrot prepares and serves farm-to fork style food with an emphasis on healthy eating. “We strive to use the freshest ingredients that are seasonally available,” she says, “and we purchase and use locally grown and organic foods whenever possible.

“Everything here is clean and real, and all made from scratch,” Madden adds about her kitchen. “We are 100% gluten-free, we use organics as much as possible, and we cater to dairy sensitivities as well.

“We also work with many wonderful farmers, so the food we prepare and serve is local,” Madden adds. “That means we support the community two ways, with both local farmers and with our customers.”

Madden lists the sources for her fresh and clean food both in the restaurant/serving area and on the website  On the wall in the the restaurant there’s even a chalkboard map which shows the local farms from which 24 Karrot obtains fruits and vegetables.  

The chefs and food preparers at 24 Karrot Kitchen provide meals three ways:

1.       Grab and Go fridge and freezer packed with nutritious food and delicious deserts and healthy snacks

2.       Take Home dinners that are pre-order and the menu changes each week

3.       Weekly Meal Prep, which Madden and her team develop for health compromised customers or busy professionals who want to eat healthier and don’t have the time to prepare fresh meals.

Additionally, 24 Karrot Kitchen provides a service of preparing and delivering meals once a week to people who have been hit with diseases and are unable to get out or to even cook their own food. All the details about the clean and healthy kitchen can be found on its website.

Madden, who’s passionate about what she does, knows that eating a healthy diet can help prevent disease. “There are dozens of studies which show that diet makes a huge difference in a health condition, she adds.  “We’ve seen some customers who’ve been able to get off medications, and have had diagnoses reversed, all from improvements made to their diets.”

Also a teacher, Madden offers cooking classes for those who want to improve what they purchase and how they serve it at their own dinner tables. 24 Karrot also offers catering for special events, featuring its all-healthy options. 

There’s even a café market, which features local produce, dry goods and local fare. Several local farms provide produce, meat, chicken, eggs, jam, elderberry syrup, soap, honey and maple syrup, which can all be found in the mini market or ordered online. These products are freshly picked, responsibly grown, non-GMO, and are often organically-certified as well.

“Nothing makes my heart happier than to improve the quality of life of a cancer patient, or someone battling MS,” Madden adds.

CVC Cancer Support visits, learns on September 21

The Cancer Support Prayer Group at Cuyahoga Valley Church is going “on the road” to 24 Karrot Kitchen on Wednesday, September 21, beginning at 6 p.m.. Madden will have an educational session about the benefits of clean eating and food preparation, and attendees will also take home some cancer-fighting type food for a meal.

Cost is $20. Seats are almost sold out. To reserve a slot, email Traci at You do not need to be a member of Cuyahoga Valley Church to attend, but don’t delay (there were only three seats remaining as of September 14.) 

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