NE Ohio aspiring Olympian looks back on the impact of Covid-19

NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE ON EVA AND LOGAN: The USA Ice Dancers are gearing up for 2021-2022 competition. Below is a link to a podcast about their routine for this competition season, and also a link of where to watch for more news and updates:

Podcast: Midnight Views and Other Musings (California-based podcast)

Strongsville’s Eva Pate is a member of Team USA’s Ice Dancing Team. Eva and her partner Logan Bye are striving to be future Olympians. She was in Florida a year ago when Covid-19 hit.

Here is Eva’s story, looking back, on what training and competing has been like for her and other skaters during the Coronavirus pandemic.

To connect with Eva or for information about Eva and Logan’s Team USA quest, contact Jenny Pate at

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